Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poll Results #189A

Bonjour sexy readers,

It's been a while, so let's take a look at the results for one of the latest polls....

Q. - Have you ever given naughty pictures of yourself to your significant other?

Yes! - 47%
No! -   53%

Well, bless your hearts you nudie models, you. The proportion of you who said yes to this question and the way in which boobie pics have become nearly commonplace with the kids these days kinda blows the DW's mind. You know, it wasn't too long ago a dude thought his girlfriend wearing a thong constituted some radical sexy sailin' the high seas of erotica experiment with lingerie. Now it seems like young dudes are confused if their 17 year old girlfriend isn't wearing a lace thong while taking a picture of herself blowing him. All of which, of course, fills the DW's giant genius brain with the following thoughts to the point of distraction.

1- Where the f*ck was all this nonsense when the DW was in college?
2- The DW is stone cold terrified to have kids.
3- Get the DW a walker because he sounds like an old f(cking man.

What the DW also wonders is what this means for the ladies. The benefit for the dude is pretty obvious. Naked pictures=good times. But what's in it for the fairer sex? Is this one of those things where everybody is all liberated and it's awesome and the DW should catch up with the times and move on? Or do the ladies feel like a "pictorial" is the kind of thing they have to do to lure the dude they desire? 

Also, for those of you who have sent or received sexy pictures, how widely do they travel? In other words, the DW would assume that any dude under say, 23, would show barea&sed pics of his girlfriend to pretty much all his friends. A 42 year old dude not so much unless he's a serious knucklehead. But what about the files? Do those get shared, too? 

As the wife would say, shaking her head- So many questions. So many questions. 

Work it, baby! Best,

The DW


jamie said...

although i would love to surprise my boyfriend with some racy photos (he'd never expect it, which would be the best part), i definitely am and have always been one who factors worst-case-scenario into decisions. which is why i have never taken racy photos and probably never will. you never know where they'll end up. the ONLY way to 100% without fail prevent photos or videos depicting you in ways that would make your mother very, very disappointed in you is to not have them taken in the first place. you can say you trust whoever it is you're giving them to, but you can never completely predict what will happen ten years down the line. and i think that's something that people agree to in the fine print, knowingly or unknowingly, when they bare their boobies for a photo. and if they're cool with that, more power to 'em! said...

see, this is the aspect that the DW has never been able to get past, either, all those times the ladies have asked, no Begged, that he pose au natural. you just never know.

interesting that you said You would love to surprise him. as in, the enjoyment would be yours as well as his. that's a positive angle about this whole topic if that's typical.

Anonymous said...

I once received a picture of a naked girl or woman on my cell phone. It looks like she took it herself in front of a mirror, but you can't see her face. I didn't call back to see who sent it, whether she herself got the number wrong or her boyfriend (I'd assume) or some other person past her boyfriend was sending them out to cell phones at random. I mean, anyone you'd already know would be on the contacts list, so real wrong numbers on the cell that are undoubtedly sent from a cell are rare. So I think a lot of people saw this girl's knockers.

Was I supposed to call the police or something?

Anonymous said...

I'm 30 and single. I have two rules: (1) never send an angry email, and (2) never take or let be taken a naked picture.

I personally do not love the must-be-fully-waxed-and-thonged-and-take-nude-pics thing, because I *do* think it's setting a lame expectation. Must we all look and act like porn stars? No thanks. I'm happy to be freaky in the privacy of my (or his) home. If he needs pictures or wants to show his friends, he can find someone else to blow him.

47%? Really? So, none of you wants to be in politics or a school teacher or a judge or any of the million other jobs where naked pictures can totally damage your professional prospects if he ever decides to be indiscreet? Too big a risk, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I gave some to my man. I never thought it was something I would do. He requested them and I set up some rules, the first obviously being that he could never show them to anyone. He pointed out that he's more protective of me than I am (of me). I realized that was true. I also realized that he's just not the type of dude to send 'em to people out of spite if anything bad happened between us. This may sound like naivete, but I'm certain it's not.
Also, the girl's gain = a guy telling you how hot you make him all the time. It's pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

But I feel like no matter who promises what, you just never 100% know. Things are stolen/lost/found/accidentally discovered ever day. So really, you are accepting the possibilities. I'm not knockin' you for it, if I had the balls to accept the possibilities, I would!!

jnastychik said...

I sent a photo to a man I was dating. It was only my cleavage, taken while at work (v-neck sweater) - so obviously not that racy. I sent it to him as a joke, really.

He seemed to like it & I thought I was being funny upping the ante by requesting a photo of his penis. Then he actually sent it to me! (he was not at work at the time - ha)!! I don't think he realized that it made me laugh more than it turned me on.

I ended up deleting his photo soon after, though I did tell my friends about it (and people wanted to see it). Besides, it wasn't all that hot anyway!

M said...

I have always wanted to have nude photos taken of me. Not necessarily a make at home project with my boyfriend. But beautiful artistic photos that show off my body so when I'm 80 and don't know where my boobs end I will have photographic evidence that they were pretty awesome at one point.
Photos of me in the act, no thanks! I've heard from a few friends it can be a little um traumatizing to watch yourself on video. If your into that buy a damn mirror people.

Anonymous said...

I don't think nude photos are any big deal- but then I guess it depends on what you're doing in them. But a naked body is a naked body. Americans can be SO uptight... That said, I have a story of a photo ending up where it shouldn't... My cousin is a great photographer, and never stops shooting. At a family reunion she was taking some weird bathroom photos (not gross, just weird, like I got in the tub and was singing w. the shower head)...well, then I pulled up my skirt and mooned her...and I don't wear underwear. So there was a picture of my big ol' naked ass. ha ha. She swore it wouldn't get sent out or anything and all seemed well. That was 2 years ago. Last month, my Mom went to visit part of the same family and they decided to all sit down and reminisce about what a great time we all had. So they plugged the hard drive into the TV to watch the conglomeration of photos everyone had taken back then. Yep. My 90 yr old great Aunt, my mom and 3 cousins her age all saw my big ol' naked ass. On the Big Screen.

But still. No biggie.