Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Note on Wrong Words and Old Links

A couple housecleaning items....

1) For those of you who haven't read the comments for Dudefile #30- I Like To Do Dude Stuff, someone was kind enough to point out that the DW had wildly misused the word swarthy. Swarthy, as the DW now knows after a humbling trip to the dictionary, means "having a dark complexion". When he wrote the original post he thought it meant something along the lines of dashing or swashbuckling or icantakeoverapirateshipwithonehandtiedbehindmyback. So, in case you thought the DW was going down some weird racial road for no reason? Um, nope. He was just being a little uncharacteristically un-geniuslike.
2) The links list is getting a little long over there to the left, so the DW is gonna delete a few. In case you missed them before, here you go...

Gaspare's Pizza - One of the DW's fave pies in SF
Dude on Wikipedia
"The Dude Vote" from
"Linguist Deconstructs "Dude"
"We Are The World" in Japan - the DW begs you, do yourself a favor and watch
A Tour of the Wienermobile
Jaguar vs. Eagle - Mascot fight!
"Radiolab" program from WNYC
The Bonefish Whisperer
Cheesteak Eggroll - a cheesesteak freakin eggroll!
Tennessee Lady Vols Basketball Fan Site- the over the top intro is pretty sweet
Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene
Keyboards Dirtier Than A Toilet
Dude Cartoons
"Nerdcore For Life" Trailer - keep it real, y'all
Urinal Video Game - if you know where one of these is, let the DW know
Armwrestling Dot Com
"We Are Wizards" trailer

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, DW, you're still a genius. Your wisdom supersedes any word misuse. And, on a side-note, I'm relieved that the writer of the last question (Dudefile #30) spelled "quandary" correctly (instead of 'quandry').

Keep on whisperin'!