Monday, November 17, 2008

Poll Results #14

It’s a double Poll weekend! Not to be confused with a double pole weekend, which, of course, is in the past and there’s really no good to be found in describing to your current dude. Let’s get right to it. Thanks, as always for voting…

What’s the longest you’ve been able to maintain an “Arrangement”?

Uh, about six hours. 28%
A few weeks 28%
A few months. 20%
More than a year. 20%
Dude. Like, forever. 4%

What was interesting to the DW about this one was the number of arrangements that made it “A few months” or longer. 44%! That’s a lotta no-strings ballin’, yo! Dang!

True, only 4% of all that free love makes it “Like, forever,” so it’s not all fun and games. But, by many statistics, less than half of marriages work “Like, forever”, so make of that what you will.

As we’ve discussed in The Arrangement, The Arrangement (part two), and The Arrangement (part three), bootycalls can be a pretty fun thing if everyone involved is on board with the nature of the agreement. Over time, though, things can get blurry, or boring, or weird, and it’s time to Un-Arrange.

Incidentally, there will be an exciting conclusion to the The Arrangement series at some point in the future. So stay tuned.

On a totally different note, the DW just got called “Boss” while getting a cup of coffee. As in, “That all for you, Boss?”

Here’s a poll-style breakdown of how often the DW gets called dudely nicknames while purchasing coffee, gas, or other corner shop type items.

Boss 85%
Chief 8%
Bro 5%
Hoss (south only) 2

All this Bossness cuts across socioeconomic, racial, and age lines. The DW’s brother gets called Chief way more often, the wifey’s brother gets a ton more Bro, but dudes of all shapes and sizes call the DW Boss.

There really isn’t an overarching point to this. Although, if you ever feel the urge to call the DW "Boss", that would be acceptable.

Another Dudefile soon. Best,

The DW

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