Monday, December 15, 2008

Dude of the Week! (#11)

So, some of you who are old enough might remember how there were a couple years in the mid-90s when it seemed like Eric Stoltz was in every movie made. Take a look at the stretch on his imdb page that starts with Pulp Fiction and Ends with Anaconda. Pretty solid run for a That Guy who's now settling for Battlestar Galactica prequel spinoffs.

Anyway, the DW was thinking about Mr. Stoltz the other day and decided that this weeks not quite weekly DOW, Eric Stoltz Edition goes to... James Franco, the guy who in 2021 we'll look back on and say, "Dang he had a good run for a That Guy". "Wait, that was him in Spider Man?" "Whoa, he was Sean Penn's boyfriend in Milk? Oh, sh&t, you remember Pineapple Express? Him and Seth Rogen is, like, the 2008 That Guy duo of all-time!"

Seriously, though, good for you James Franco, you alarmingly good looking dude, you, for, like Eric Stoltz before you, embracing your couple years of overload good fortune to make films that are at least a little off kilter and interesting instead of going straight to Diane Lane flicks about dog parks and Tuscany or whatever. Take it from John Cusack- that sh^t will always be there later if you get hard up. Well done, Dude of the Week. Keep up the fine intentions.

...In other news, the DW Googled "Dude of the Week" the other day and it turns out the DOW is a fairly popular concept. A sampling of non-DW DOW's are below...

Ugly Dude of The Weekon

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- and, if you want to give yourself a headache,
check this one out. Seriously, these clowns eventually get to a DOW, but you've been warned about the annoyingness which may or may not be worth the rubbernecking value.


Anonymous said...

i don't know--james franco might be good enough an actor to move beyond "that guy" status, though i guess he's discussed pursuing a future teaching creative writing, as acting has left him "unsatisfied."

i think he was pretty good in milk, although, as ridiculous as this sounds, i had a hard time focusing on his performance due to his hotness. i hope that isn't a deterrent to his ascent to prolonged a-list status.

Anonymous said...

he's more than a that guy, but i would bet, like the dude says, a that guy from the mid to late 2000's. very eric stolz-ish. more famous than a that guy, but his acting skill cannot match his hotness and he is bound to be forgotten or at least not escape his decade.

by the way, favorite eric stoltz role: anaconda. seriously.

Anonymous said...

DW, are you still out there, doing your thing?