Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Note on 2009

Dearest sexy readers,

Happy New Year! The DW is glad to be back with you for 2009. Thanks for hanging in there for what turned out to be an extended holiday break visiting multiple family units way over there on the east coast. Knitting, baking, Shaker village visiting, fridge cleaning, Ale-8 drinking, slot machine playing, sweet sweet love making- it was a trip that had a little bit of everything. Hope all of you had just as good a time celebrating whatever it is you choose to celebrate this time of year. 

Things on the site should get back up and rolling to their normal speed in the next couple days. The DW is aiming to (finally) get caught up on your mail, too. In the meantime, try to squeeze another day out of the Clean House marathon or whatever for your entertainment fix. Your patience, as ever, is appreciated.

More soon,

The DW


Anonymous said...

can't wait for your triumphant return!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!