Monday, January 5, 2009

Dude of the Week! (#12)

One of the ways the DW and the wifey knew pretty early that it was gonna work out was when their First Weekend Away Together took them down the 99 to have a chili dog in a refurbished airplane in Tulare. Slogan? "Home of the Famous Flying Weiner." And thus a committed romantic relationship was born. Good times.

In that same spirit, the DW and the wifey would like to introduce Edmundo Rombeiro, this week's not quite weekly Dude of the Week, Aero Dog Edition. Mr. Rombeiro, for 17 years running, has been decorating his house (in Novato, CA) for Christmas in an ever increasingly utterly bananas and awesome fashion. According to what looks to be the official website, this year there are over 75,000 lights. The December 2008 power bill was 3,000 dollars.

What truly sparates the Rombeiro Christmas House from other excessive decorator locations, though, is that you get to go inside. Just about every room in the house is stuffed with holiday figurines and trains and animatronic Santas and the like, all mixed in with the not strictly seasonal family photos and couches and religious items. And then at the end of the tour, Edmundo gives you a candy cane, as if you've ever done anything for him besides come gawking through his living room at 930 p.m. on a Tuesday wondering how much seeing a painting of an extremely bloody Jesus next to 78 miniature reindeer, three spinning light wheels, and fourteen fake Christmas trees would freak you out if you were high.

In case you were wondering- Yes, Edmundo's wife is on board with this whole thing.

Well done, Edmundo Rombeiro, Dude of the Week, for spreading holiday cheer like a motherf&cker. We'll be back next year for sure.

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