Monday, June 16, 2008

Poll Results #10

As a brief preface to this one, the DW would like to note that he did 3 loads of laundry yesterday without any prompt from the wifey whatsoever even though he still had two clean pairs of underwear and several t-shirts that barely smelled. Which means he’s getting better. Or he’s a bigger p^ssy every day. He’s not sure.

Thanks, as always, for voting. The results…

How clean is your dude?

Shockingly. So clean you could eat off his exceedingly smooth ass. 37%
Acceptably. We’ve got just about the same idea about who vacuums and when. 27%
Moderately, maybe? I guess? 44%
Um, he’s not clean. 22%
Dude, he’s a freakin’ disgusting wild animal. Seriously. 0%

Well, after Dudefile #22 - Will My Dude Ever Be Clean it may not surprise you, fastidious readers, that the DW considers everything “Moderately” and above to mean “Dude, This is the Cleanest I’ve Been In My Freakin’ Life” on the Scale of Cleanliness for a Non-Metrosexual Dude Without OCD. Seriously, only 22% straight up "Not Clean" and 0% "Disgusting" is shockingly in favor of the DW’s argument that dudes give a better effort than is often recognized in this area. Remember what the Dude Brother said in his comment for Dudefile #22 because this is how dudes often see the situation. “the dude loses in 3 ways. 1. he now has to clean more often than he likes 2. he gets no enjoyment out of the cleanliness 3. even after all that, the girlfriend is bummed that he is still messier than her.” Yet we give it a shot, anyway. That’s love, baby dolls.

Now if you will excuse the DW, he has dishes to wash and a toilet to scrub.


Anonymous said...

Would love to hear the dude perspective on relationships where this dynamic is reversed... I know lots of sloppy wifeys, who drive their neat-nik dudes crazy... What's the dude take from the other side of the messy room?

Mallory said...

I had to comment on this. Where's the response for I'm messier than my dude. The one live-in relationship I had, he was definitely the cleaner one of the two. said...

Honestly, it's a little harder for the DW to comment on the dude being neater bc he isn't in that spot and neither are any of his close friends. Seems like more opf the exception rather than the rule. But, the general gist of how to appraoch the dude and the general idea of fair compromise from the original post would apply in reverse. If you've got a more specific question, though, send in a note and the DW will take it on at length. He works better with specific questions and specific problems.