Sunday, June 15, 2008

Poll Results #9

A couple quick housekeeping notes first-

1. The feed should be fixed, but if you still have problems let the DW know and he will grunt and bang more rocks against his machine.

2. Also, drop everything this weekend because the DW will be at Borders at Union Square in SF this Sunday signing copies of his book “Showing You How Easy It Can Be To Understand A Dude” from 2-4 P.M. He wishes. Actually, he’ll be in Sacramento eating a cheeseburger at The Squeeze Inn. So, uh, maybe just keep the plans you have.

Now to poll # 9. As always, thanks to those who took the time to vote…

What's the most you've fudged a resume?

I don’t fudge. 37%
Just added little flourishes. 53%
Okay, so I might have just flat out made some big stuff up. 0%
Dude, my resume says I'm the president of Mexico. 9%

The DW wonders what these results would have been like if he substituted “resume” with “internet dating profile”. As was discussed in Dudefile #20 - The Lying Internet Profile, just plain making sh*t up won’t get you too far in the long run. Ultimately, in a job or in a relationship, you have to perform to keep the gig. You can’t bluff forever. You know, unless you’re super rich and connected or something. But, good for you all keeping it to acceptable levels of deception on the job front at least. Unless you're lying to the DW, too, in which case you should be ashamed of yourself.

Oh, and a special DW shout out to Felipe Calderon. Keep reading, jefe. And drop a note any time if you want the DW to explain in further detail how opposing contraception is completely insane.

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