Monday, June 30, 2008

Dudefile #25 - The Depressed Dude Friend (part two)

[ DW note: For the first part of the story see Dudefile #25 - The Depressed Dude Friend ]

hey Ddubs!

i wanted to say thanks for the advice! it took a little time, but after a long weekend in seattle of just friends, mopeds, and booze, he came home and had a nice long talk with his lady. ultimate decision? he's moving out and moving up in the world! i'm pretty sure he's still bummed, and will be for a while, but we all think its the right choice and he'll be better in the end. so i just wanted to say thanks!


-hopeful friend

Nice work, hf!

Just goes to show you should never underestimate the healing power of Seattle combined with just friends, mopeds, and booze. Or, you know, the genius advice of The Dude Whisperer.

May your friend continue to get better and may you have good luck with the dudes.

the DW

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Anonymous said...

aww....I love happy endings!