Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dudefile #26 - The Goatee (part two)

[DW Note: For the first part of the story see Dudefile #26 - The Goatee

Hi DW!

OMG I don't know how it happened, I wish I could remember exactly what I said because I'd love to recount the conversation.... it was brief and I remember thinking, this is pointless -- he definitely isn't going to budge, but maybe after some rumination on the topic he came to his senses because when he emerged from the shower this morning the goatee was gone!! It's crazy! He left a mustache (gross!) but I'm sure that's not gonna last.

Amazing!!!!! :)


Hi Smoothie,

Well done! Now that you understand a little bit about how a cute gal can talk a dude into just about anything, the DW begs you - use your power wisely.

Enjoy the goatee free lovin'!


the DW

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