Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dude and Dudette of the Week! (#9)

This time around, the not quite weekly Dude of the Week award goes to Matt Bauer and Claire Light. And really, this is just because the DW wants to make a couple recommendations to you, his extremely bright and good looking readership. No dude theories or observations, just pure promotion of stuff that the DW thinks deserves to be brought to your attention.

First, the dude. Matt Bauer is a musician with a new record out called The Island Moved in the Storm. His site is here, Myspace is here, record label here. It’s hard to type about music without sounding like some dork fanboy or resorting to hyperbole, vaguely flowery prose, or insisting that cool band X sounds like a mashup of cool band Y and cool band Z- so, the DW will just say this. The record is f&cking good and you should go to the sites listed above or to iTunes and have a listen. You could try to file the sound under Folk or Alt Country or Indie or Americana, but really, this music is a rare gift of originality. Strong lyrics, spare and haunting arrangements, layers upon layers to discover. And, ladies, the DW thinks you’ll find Mr. Bauer a serious sexypants. What a tall drink of water! Go! Listen now! What are you waiting for?

And now the dudette. Claire Light is a writer of many things, but the DW is going to direct you, in particular, to her site Enterbrainment, and let you explore from there. (Here’s her bio from the site.) She calls Enterbrainment “Trash for Smarties” and that’s about as good a sum-up as the DW could manage. This is a place where posts called Baby Panda Sneeze and Can the Government Control the Arts make perfect sense side by side. Sci-fi TV, the politics of race, who should Jennifer Aniston date - all fair game and all addressed with a smartypants slant. Have you ever had an Us Weekly and a New Yorker in your bag at the same time? Go now!

So, there you are. Don’t say the DW never gave ya nothin’. More soon. Best,

the DW


Anonymous said...

He may be a long, tall drink of water but what we see is an image of him cradling the dead(?) body of a practically nude young woman. Next time, may I suggest that he's the one in a clingy, wet outfit carried by her, piggy-back style.

Charley said...

Matt is one of the manliest dudlies mens ever to walk the earth. I received my banjo lessons from him, while he was living in what could only amount to a closet, drinking late weekend afternoon winter whiskey.

Ohh, he is the sage of modern Americana and a giant among men.

His CD release show a couple of weeks ago was one of the finest gatherings of talented musicians to which I have ever been witness.

claire said...

thanks for the shout out, dewd!

and thanks to anonymous for pointing out that i'm a dead, wet dudette.

i would've preferred a shot from "the long kiss goodnight" with sam jackson, both holding guns. ya know?

Anonymous said...

I Love that Matt Bauer record. Love it!