Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Note on Getting Out of Town

A quick note to let you know, faithful Dude Whisperer readers, that posts for the next two weeks might be lighter than they have been lately. Tomorrow the DW and his wife are getting, as R. Kelly might say it, up out the city and heading to a supersecret vacation spot far, far away. So far, actually, that access to Al Gore’s magical invention on the internet might be sporadic.

(Incidentally, is it just the DW or did Al Gore look way better when he grew the beard, put on a few pounds, and generally looked a little more rumpled and a little less blow dried? Dude looked like he could wrassle a bear there for a while. Bring back the beard, Al! Beards are so hip right now!)

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for posts, talk amongst yourselves, peruse the links on the left, and keep the emails coming about dude questions, bad movies, or anything else that strikes your fancy. The DW expects a big fat stuffed mailbox when he returns.

the DW

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