Sunday, April 27, 2008

Poll Results #4 and #6

And now a quick wrap-up of two recent polls. Thanks as always, DW readers and special internet friends, for taking the time to vote…

Poll results #6
Where in the world is DW?

France – 5%
Italy – 8%
Mexico – 13%
Thailand – 11%
Vietnam – 16%
South Africa - 0
Morocco – 5%
Guatamala – 13%
Brazil – 11%
Russia - 0
China – 2%
Australia – 11%

Vietnam got the most votes, so you were, fearless readers, correct. The flavor of spots receiving votes was generally in tune with what the DW and his wife might plan, as well. The next trips on the list for the DW and his wife are probably like this. Shorter trips – Mexico City or Oaxaca. Longer trips – Malaysia or France or Italy. Those longer trip places are a little expensive right now, though. Anyone have a good ‘secret’ affordable spot to recommend?

Anyway, this isn’t a travel blog, so the DW will leave the backpacking and cheap eats recommendations and whatnot to Lonely Planet and Rick Steves and that dirty hippy friend of yours who spent six months in India and, like, totally didn’t get sick or anything, man, because he just got in, like, an Indian frame of mind, you know? Basically, Vietnam was beautiful, the people were wonderful, and the whole country is in the middle of a boom like the U.S. saw after WWII, so everything is just expanding and changing and morphing practically before your eyes. If you get a chance to go, do.

Poll results #4
Who do you have winning your NCAA brackets?

A favorite (UNC, UCLA, Memphis, or Kansas) - 34%
A mild upset (a 2-4 seed) - 17%
A longshot (a 5 seed or lower) - 0%
This thing again? Awesome. I won’t see my dude for two weeks. - 49%

Not much on this one because the tourney is long over and none of you seemed too terribly interested, anyway. Perhaps because, given the results above, 49% of you didn’t get laid for a fortnight. A word of advice, though, for those of you who hated that your dudes were even more bleary eyed and distracted than usual. However logical it may seem, don’t ever use this line of logic on a dude. “Oh, so you can watch twelve straight hours of basketball, but you can’t concentrate on picking out flatware for twenty minutes?” It will get you nowhere. No. Where.

Incidentally, the DW almost won his pool this year and had a shot until the last two games when Memphis and Kansas mucked the whole thing up. Thing is, it wasn’t fun to pick a bunch of favorites. Next year it’s back to picking ridiculous “expert” longshots and finishing last. It’s just more dudely satisfying to lose that way than win by playing safe.

Also, the DW received not one comment, not even one friendly poke, about assuming that ‘NCAA Bracket’ meant only the men. The women played a tournament, too. And for what it’s worth, the Lady Vols of Tennessee won again.

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