Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dude of the Week! (#1)

[Welcome to the latest development in Dude Whisperer Blog Technology- The Dude of the Week. Each weekend the DW will be posting about someone of note who, for better or worse, makes you say “You are such a dude.” Enjoy.]

Dude of The Week – Robert Downey, Jr.

Sure, he’s the star of Iron Man, the biggest dude movie of the summer, and he could pretty much charm the pants off any woman the DW knows despite a long history of trouble with drugs and the law and fair to middlin’ movies. And true, somehow other dudes instinctively like him despite the above. But none of this is what makes him the inaugural Dude of the Week.

What does the trick is this – What’s his follow-up to Iron Man? Tropic Thunder. In that movie he plays an Australian actor who undergoes surgery to appear African-American for a war movie role. The Tropic Thunder role is potentially ingenious, juvenile, risky, utterly offensive- we'll soon find out which or all of the above. It’s also the kind of role only dudes sitting around with nachos, beers, and a bong could have come up with.

Tropic Thunder? For heading back to the couch with a brewski just as you made it to the top of the world, Robert Downey, Jr., you are such a dude.

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