Monday, May 19, 2008

Dudefile #17 - Dad and the Shaved Head (Part Two)

[DW Note: Below is the follow-up note from the reader whose note became Dudefile #17 - Dad and the Shaved Head.]

You really have no idea what you're talking about. Thanks for the fucking lecture.

Dear Baldy,

So angry!

Well, sorry you didn't find the Dude Whisperer of much help. If you ever have a change of heart, though, the DW, like the Dalai Lama, holds no grudges and wishes only for harmony. Feel free to write back any time.

Best of luck with your dad and the other dudes in your life,

the DW


Anonymous said...

Don't take it personally, DW. Your response to her was intelligent and insightful. You hit the nail on the head when you said she and her Dad both sounded like a handful. She wanted a pat on the back for her ideals (even though in the end her actions didn't jibe with them at all) and to be told her dad was 100% wrong. Like so many people out there, she asked for the truth but couldn't handle it.

Anonymous said...

I normally never comment on people's beliefs....but this one needs to be commented on....the woman is apparently supporting the only peaceful fight for land in the world today and she is so angry?! I don't get that.... how does she relate with the Tibetan struggle?

DW, I agree with the previous commenter....u were spot on.

Anonymous said...

Dude, she shaved her head and it solved the political turmoil in Tibet. They were just waiting or her to shave her head is all! Admit you wer wrong!

Anonymous said...

DW -

Wow, someone needs to grow up a little, huh? No wonder she can't get along with her Dad. I thought your response was great--that's why we love you, you speak the truth, even if it's not entirely pretty. Too bad she couldn't handle it, she was obviously just looking for confirmation that she's an angel and her dad is as asshole... guess she proved who she was with her angry, thoughtless response to you. And I agree w/ all the other comments here...If she really cares about Tibet, I hope she's doing a whole lot more than just shaving her head, because honestly, that doesn't help them.

Rock on, DW!!!!

Anonymous said...

No, she wants attention and acknowledgment. I don't think the DW promises to fix what's wrong with the dude, he's just here so we know what the dude's angle is. I live in a family where things are never said, and things are smoothed over, and maybe prioritized differently than I'd like, and so that's how it goes. What Baldy doesn't admit to is being intentionally provocative, which, rather than pull away, her father should honor with outright foul language, in her theory. There's something there that never receives a satisfying victory for either, but staying quiet ensures the frustration and potential hostility of the other party, when it most needs soothing.

Baldy needs to go her own way, make her own peace, and not be concerned with approval or disapproval or the time it takes someone to talk to you again. There's something wild that will always want to be wild. I say, keep that while you grow, and use it for good, not for status, not for spite, etc. Channel your efforts and don't be a spaz.